The Other-Worldly Series

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Bayou Shadow Promises tells the tale of a Cajun Cowgirl schoolteacher Evangeline Brewster, transplanted to an exclusive Manhattan prep school to instruct the first grade descendants of Sherman's march.

Travis Whittaker is a single father, abandoned by his wife, left to raise their son alone. When he meets Miss Brewster he's dazzled by her regard for his son as well as her charm But Vangie will only be in NYC on a two year contract. Can Travis tempt her into a long-term commitment ?

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"Lizzie's Beach House" and "Sandpiper's Song" are novellas now available through the Kindle Bookstore

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Warlocks, Witches, Fairies, and Pixies live among us. With their long lives, special talents, and insatiable appetites, they make for interesting friends.

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Arlie Adams

The Orchid Collection

A series of novellas, each set in

an Orchid Collection Hotel. The books range from sweetly romantic to steamy and sexy, and each features an irresistible hero and memorable heroine.

A full length novel available in both paperback and eBook formats